Three Write to Heal Recordings

Write to Heal LogoThis Write to Heal WorQshop has been infused with light, love and prayer.

Its intention is to connect you to your Divine Writer within. To open your heart, release what no longer serves you, so that you can awaken to your healing. It is a very powerful and beautiful Tool. Learning how to write will forever change your life.

Give yourself the space and time to truly listen. Have some paper ready as it is an interactive energy WorQshop.



Click to listen to the recording of Part One: Write to Heal:



Burn, so that you can heal.

Burning releases and lightens the load in your body system, energy field and kick-starts the healing. It re-boots the mind and lets it know you’ve released what no longer serves you. It releases the mental hold or pattern you’ve been brought up to believe in.

It is an essential part of the Write to Heal process.



Click to listen to the recording of Part Two: Burn to Heal:



Finally, when you feel lighter and clearer, the true HEALING can begin. Resolve and release what you don’t want to keep attracting into your life, because the Universe will continue to send you what you are holding onto. This powerful session is the key to the healing that comes from the Write to Heal Process. All you need is YOU. Strike the match, set your intention, write from your soul and live ON purpose.

Click to listen to the recording of Part Three: Burn to Heal:


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