The Thread November 2016 Soulful Conversation

The First Step to Getting to Your Right Path

I’ve been pondering and I’ve been thinking about this: how we are able to climb this mountain, step-by-step, and elevate not only our thoughts but the wisdom that comes with them, and achieve this goal of finding our right path. So, what I want you to pay attention to is: get some paper, pay attention to your thoughts as I’m speaking to you, because what I’ve done is I have activated and I have prayed over this Thread so that you get the necessary visions or visuals or thought processes that will come through this Thread of Light, that are specifically targeted to you. It’s going to be very, very simple because I’m going to get into the specifics of things…

Click HERE for the written transcript of this Soulful Conversation. Click below to hear me guide you through this conversation.

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