Get On The Thread

It’s time to look within, to raise your awareness, and to do your worQ.

Because enlightenment is the only thing that defies darkness.

A monthly subscription of wisdom & guidance.

I know there is a thread of light that exists, that when you experience it and flow with it, your whole life expression unfolds your divine self and purpose. This light is your own personal journey that has your own wisdom, where you are accomplishing your dreams and your goals, fulfilling your soulful contracts.

The journeys we all experience are there either to enlighten us or to distract us.

These journeys are purposeful if you are on your own thread of light. Most people struggle to stay focused on their own journey. They forget what they are here for.

TheThread.Life connects you to your own thread of light, to your Higher Self, your All Knowing Intuitive Self and Consciousness. It supports your inner awakening. It is a gift to you, channeled – with love – through me.

5 pointed star (aspects)The Thread focuses on the wholeness of who you are.

Your Thread Subscription Includes:

  • Monthly guidance and wisdom from Vanda on these topics, such as “How to find your right path.” Each month you receive a new AUDIO RECORDING with an accompanying WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT. You may listen and read at your convenience, and as much and as often as you like!
  • The gift of Healing Light to infuse the month with healing in all aspects of your life
  • A 10% discount on The Thread Courses
  • Access to The Thread’s Prayer Wall (LINK) to leave prayer requests for Vanda
  • Invitations to Signature VIP Events

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