Self Care

C.A.R.E. stands for Connect. Acknowledge. Release. Empower.

C.A.R.E. was created to help you better understand you and why you think and act as you do, and how you are able to restore and rejuvenate your Life Force energy. It introduces methodologies and self-care tools designed to support and help people create healthy, vital energy exchanges.

We are all connected through positive and negative energy, ions, atoms, molecules, cells, and so much more, each with their own unique purpose and cycles. Research cannot deny that we are energy beings absorbing life’s experiences, feelings, and emotional connections. Most illnesses and diseases known to man have some connection to an emotional distress and dis-ease in your body. Our largest organ, our skin, is a highly intelligent protector and ‘absorber,’ as are our energy bodies. There is always an energy exchange, be it physical or non-physical; both exist.

To know how to cleanse and purify is vital to one’s well-being. It eliminates burnout, fatigue, mood swings, not feeling like one’s self, and many other exchanges evident in the stress of everyday life. To learn how to re-balance your body systems is no longer considered taboo. To awaken yourself to your higher good and potential separates you from what no longer serves you.

C.A.R.E. participants experience rewarding success when searching for well-being, transformation, or desiring a higher connection between body, mind, and soul. C.A.R.E. tools are profound and basic necessities for one’s well-being and longevity. It’s like any survival rule, you have to take care of yourself first to be able to assist, care for, and lead others.

There is a very big difference between someone who takes C.A.R.E. of themselves and someone who does not.


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