Raise the Love on the Planet

Raise the Love on the PlanetRaising the love on the planet starts with ourselves, to support the rise and awakening of the Divine Feminine Energy that we are all experiencing right now. This energy is rebirthing our new ideas and inner selves, renewing our consciousness, and restoring and awakening our souls.

What is Divine Feminine Energy? The Divine Feminine is part of all of us. We all have both female and male energy within our body systems. It’s the yin and yang, the left and right, the positive and negative. It is who we are, and have always been, however not always balanced. Balance, in itself, requires awareness of this Divine presence and energy, as man has his purpose and woman has hers.

Through time this intuitive and powerful energy has also been  suppressed and feared, separating man and woman. Fearing the Divine Feminine Energy, misunderstanding what it truly is, creating imbalances within ourselves.

The ’cause and effect’ of this has been evident throughout the ages as we have grown accustomed to ignoring our truths, our magic, and our powerful selves, dimming our own light to maintain the status quo.

Honoring and connecting to the Divine Feminine is an act of sacredness, awakening, and wholeness.

Vanda raises your awareness to the imbalances within us, and on the planet, in her monthly soulful conversations which take place on The Thread. Click HERE to get onto The Thread and be part of these vital, higher consciousness conversations.