The Moon & Me

The Moon & Me by VandaThe moon has a powerful effect on you: On how you think, feel and act.

The Moon & Me is a guide to raise your awareness to your own connection to the moon. Its guided, channeled wisdom and insights enable you to better understand the effects of the moon pulling at you emotionally and mentally. As you experience this guidance you raise your self-understanding and start connecting the dots and knowing why things are happening the way they are. This shifts your awareness to better serve you.

The Moon & Me is the secret weapon to riding and enjoying the wave of life vs. being hit by the wave. It is that insightful.

Get on ‘The Moon & Me’ membership and receive ‘The Moon & Me’ by Vanda twice each month: once at the Full Moon and once at the New Moon. There is so much love and wisdom here for you.

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EXAMPLE MOON & ME: The New Moon of June, 2016:


If you are following The Moon & Me, you are realizing by now that these insights are loaded with gifts and opportunity to perceive your world as you know it in a fuller, more balanced way. You are also realizing or raising your awareness to the change that the moon brings at every turn of its cycles. This lunar cycle illuminates changes everywhere: changes in direction, changes of mind, and changes of heart, which unfold changes in circumstances.

This is why this New Moon is noted as the Grand Cross.

I had to take a special moment and pause with this insight and wisdom, as I am guided to share that it’s not your normal, typical New Moon as per usual to plant your new seeds with powerful intentions.

Anytime you have a GRAND CROSS show up for you, it is time for important decisions to be made. It matters which turn you take. It now matters which road you travel on. This New Moon is a great illuminator of the changes you have been working on bringing into your life, and while this may or may not be consciously, these changes are here for you.

Are you ready? This is the question…

If you feel you are not ready or are a bit unsure, just sit down, write your concerns, fears, or feelings down and let them sit for a moment or two as you set the intention for your truth to come forward. This process of Writing to Heal is gold when you finally get the magic ingredient unlocked. Until you do sit down to write, just breath it in. Once you still the noise within you awaken your inner voice of knowing.

The key ingredient to your decision making this New Moon is DISCERNMENT. I call this the essence, the ray of light that supports you. The best way to achieve this is to seek truth as you sit at these cross roads in your life and choose the roads, the journeys, and the paths to enlightened and awaken your truth. Take the time in the next few days as you listen to your life’s necessary questions and decide what is ending and needs to be let go of and released that still sits in your past before the new can truly come in and take its place.

What changes are here for you? Where is your change of heart? What did you change your mind on? And what circumstances have changed? It is when you answer that the treasure shows up.

You truly want to do this as there will not be another New Moon with the effects as strong as this one because its placement with Venus, as Venus represents the beauty, the relationships, and the prosperity in your life. If you are still not letting go of the past ‘triggers,’ then the New Moon’s energy that is bringing change enhances the abundance of what is there for you, not the abundance of what you want.

You need to reread what I have just written for you.
It is important.

Take it in, not from a place of fear or distress but from a place to give you light into being able to better discern, to know what serves you or not. Keeping it all in your mind is not really the best for you as the positive energy around this New Moon is bringing fantasies, illusions, and reality all to the forefront.

Many get stuck and caught up right here. So, writing helps you organize your thoughts, clears the fog of what is fantasy, what is real, and opens your intuition, which is the key to lessen the noise around these New Moon phases which always enhance the shadow world to trigger your lower energies that want to blame the past and stay in disappointment to prove the victim right, making you feel that you are no longer in control just so fear dominates its pull and control over you…

Today, go with the positive change for you.

If you are one that just flows with change, then open yourself up to being in the flow. If you are not and are getting triggered, then roll up your sleeves and get working on the thoughts and feelings that interrupt your flow. This means use whichever tools works best for you. Is it a walk? A ‘Write and Burn?’ Is it a Soult™ Bath, time away to reflect?

This is a special Moon & Me, as the responses to previous Moon & Me articles have been confirming that you are getting your answers as you have been emailing me, “Thank you for writing this just for me!…it’s spot on;” “This has helped me so much,” and so much more. I have also had a huge demand for further conversations on certain topics that matter, where wisdom and light is present to help you be aware of you and what’s going on.

So, The Moon & Me is being launched through www.THETHREAD.LIFE, which includes a Soulful Conversation that matters and connects the dots to the worQ for those that are searching and wanting more; and it’s different for everyone. The Moon & Me will be part of The Thread monthly and annual memberships. It will be a membership for like-minded to come together on purpose, to be threaded by the Divine Thread on which I weave all my worQ, all my healing, and conversations. As I tithe these conversations to help Raise the Love and Understanding of Self, I invite you to participate in a way that exchanges for the higher good of all. It is truly beautiful, purposeful, and meaning full.

There is a $10 per month membership exchange for those who want to continue to be threaded (discounted to $100 for an annual membership) as a commitment to honor this exchange and receive this wisdom with love, light, and value. The $10 will be exchanged back to you with discounts for the Courses of Wisdom you are asking for, and truthfully so much more. It is just not ‘free.’ I believe this ‘free’ mentality has created lack and a disconnection to the value and necessary worQ one has to be a part of for true evolution… However, I DO GIFT it all to you from a place of love and honor so that it serves your higher good. But when you don’t exchange yourself, it no longer is a gift that serves you but rather one that blocks you.

With Loving and Guided Insights,