The Moon & Me: More

The Moon & Me by VandaThe scientific and spiritual effects of the Full Moon and New Moon are powerful at so many levels.

Does the moon affect you?

The answer is yes!

If you are attuned and paying attention, you will feel the pulls of energy around the moon phases, especially a full moon. The moon influences all bodies of water from our oceans to our bodies. Your physical body is 70% plus water, so when there is a high tide an ebb or a flow, what do you think is happening to you too? To the way you think, to even your feelings?  As unique and individually we stand we are all connected at a higher consciousness.

Human behavior is affected by the moon.

That means you are too.

Science reports heightened stress pulls on the planet through the frequency around the full moon.  There is no coincidence here that mental activity and stress is heightened around the full moon, with increased amounts of visits to hospitals emergency rooms with the craziest of accidents being witnessed. Spiritually we are all connected, from the stars to planets to frequencies and energy. It all impacts and affects us.

Learning to balance yourself through each energy cycle has its advantages and benefits. It’s like learning to surf a wave, so that you may rather ride the wave, having fun, challenging yourself to improve your skills, instead of going through the wave tumbling or struggling to get up.

It is all a choice. Either way, what you need to know is that the frequencies emanating from the moon affect the frequencies of your mental body. Your mental body is far more vast than what you may understand it to be and we all have a moon to deal with… It is there all the time; it’s not going away. Just like your mind.

The question is what is in your mind, what signals are you sending out?

You are talking about your mind here…

How you think and feel is how you are going to act. Even if you think you are suppressing, denying or holding back, sooner or later it all gets expressed. Here’s an example: people use excuses for acting out mean and ugly and dismiss this, when the ripple effect of such behavior is far more destructive than we want to acknowledge. It is time to be aware of our actions and support ourselves to be more loving; the consequences are devastating if we don’t.

This is what you want to remember: people don’t just get crazy out of the blue, or mean and abusive, something affects them, either through a feeling, a thought, or a deep seated sub conscious trigger. The foundation of human kind is love. We need to all do a better job at being stewards of ourselves as we represent humanity.

The Moon & Me is a guide to raise your awareness to your own connection to the moon through the wisdom and guided channelled insights to each moon cycle through the calendar year.

It is a gift.

As it is not the things we know that are disturbing us, that are the big concern, it is the unknowing thieves that play in the shadows and bring up the darkness of thoughts that later turn into hurtful actions.

Just like all teachers, the Moon has its wisdom too.