Accelerating Global Prosperity through Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness wisdom and guidance bringing your Government, NGO, and Non-Profit Organization to PROSPERITY, UNITY, EMPOWERMENT

Finally… Programs that Work

Unique, exclusive programs for governments, NGOs, and non-profit organizations looking to accelerate the achievement of their goals:

  • 7 Steps to Get Out of Fear & Lack and Move to Prosperity: For Governments, NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations
    • Riddled with fear, insecurity, and lack of money, resources, people, direction, accountability, support… These are key issues you face.
    • Vanda guides you to shift to an inflow of capital, influence, support and true empowerment
  • 7 Steps to Real, Needle-Moving Women’s Empowerment: Raising power, influence & advancement potential
    • For governments and organizations desiring stand-out results and a lasting, positive impact on culture
    • This program is collaborative with all other women’s empowerment initiatives and accelerates results
    • Not just for women; men benefit significantly from this training as well
  • 7 Steps to Raise Your Growth, Power, and Influence: For Governmental, NGO & Non-Profit Leadership Teams
    • Few are the leadership teams that reach their full potential
    • Vanda guides you to unlock your full opportunity for growth, power, and influence

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