Accelerating Corporate Prosperity through Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness wisdom and guidance bringing your team, company, and Board of Directors to GROWTH, POWER, RECOGNITION

Finally… Programs that Work

Vanda has created unique programs for corporations looking to accelerate the achievement of their goals:

  • 7 Steps to Reach Your Company’s Highest Potential: For Boards & Leadership Teams
    • Any company can be successful. Few are the companies that reach their full potential
    • Vanda guides you to unlock your company’s full opportunity for growth, power, and influence
  • 7 Steps to Turn Your Company Around: For Boards & Leadership Teams
    • Lack of money, resources, people, direction, accountability, support… These are key issues teams face from time to time
    • Vanda guides you to understand how to use the principles of the universe to your favor, shifting to an inflow of capital, influence, support…whatever is most desired
  • 7 Steps to Real, Needle-Moving Women’s Empowerment: Raise your power, influence & advancement potential
    • For companies desiring stand-out results and lasting, positive impact on culture
    • This program is collaborative with all other women’s empowerment initiatives and accelerates results
    • Men benefit significantly from this training as well

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