To Be A Woman

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You are a woman because your soul chose you to be one. You have chosen to participate in an era on this planet that is awakening the rise of the feminine divine. This alone awakens you and your goddessa within you.

The heavens and earth and planets and stars are calling at our souls right now as women, to wake up, to remind ourselves of the greatness of our power, our ability to create and to heal, and how we have come to truly serve.

Recognize who you are being as a woman and how you are allowing the divine feminine to rise within you. Those two things make the To Be A Woman Platform one of the wealthiest places to pause and allow your soul and your heart to be fed and guided to your true self. 

Because every woman is a spiritual warrior if she lives her divine purpose and is beautiful from the inside out.

Final-Just-Front-Cover-31-Powerful-Essences-Book-paperback-9.26.13-e1406671494822-300x300The 31 Powerful Essences Book

The 31 Essences Book supports and accelerates your personal awakening. Each Essence is a ray of divine light, an aspect of you to be awoken to its fullest potential. It will uplift you and direct you onto your true path. You will be moved and inspired as you connect to your Higher Self, the part of you that knows and is connected to your higher good.

This book is a gift to your soul, from your soul, as it empowers you to hear the whispers of your soul.

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Monthly-WorQbook_Permission2Essence Courses

A must to accelerate and deepen your awakening, each Guided Essence Course is delivered through its own ‘worQbook.’ The ‘Q’ symbolizes your inner journey and worq. There will be a Guided Course for each of the 31 Essences. This worQbook captures and impacts all areas of your life purposely.  Each offers daily, divinely-channeled guidance and wisdom.

The thread of life in each Essence awakens you to the magic of your soul.

“I LOVE my Permission WorQbook. I’ve already had a couple of ‘A Ha’ moments. It feels like being in a private session with Vanda. Please let her know how much I adore it!”  -Christina Barker


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The Goddessa Salon – Going Deep to Awaken Your Inner Beauty & Power

In the Goddessa Salon you are guided by Vanda to…

  • Uncover your true beauty to feel divinely beautiful
  • Nurture your powerful divine feminine energy
  • Connect with your soul for its secrets to experience deep soul love in your life
    • Create success while being and feeling fulfilled
  • Attract your soul’s mate
  • Deepen the love in your relationship
  • Raise your power & influence
  • Make more money
  • Attract your dreams and manifest your wishes
  • Balance your life from the inside-out

This divine wisdom and guidance is what your soul is longing to receive.

Every month Vanda will host a recorded guided talk on these topics, sharing divine wisdom and guidance with members of The Goddessa Salon. This is an AUDIO RECORDING. You may listen to it at your convenience, and as much and as often as you like!


Coming Soon: Essence Beauty Boxes! Stay tuned…